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Minnesota Court Says Pesticide Drift is NOT Trespassing After All

[caption id="attachment_5469" align="alignleft" width="544"] Even if you catch my (pesticide) drift in your lungs or on your skin, it's not my problem according to a Minnesota court (National Pesticide Information Center photo).[/caption] Second-Hand Pesticides Are An Unfortunate Fact of Life If someone fires a gun or an arrow in your direction that's clearly violating your space. If someone tosses garbage ...

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Getting a Drift? The Law May Be On Your Side

In a case that has potentially profound implications for not only farmers, but homeowners bothered by pesticide applications, a Minnesota court has ruled in favor of organic farmers whose livelihood has been impacted by pesticide drift. Here's a review of the case by our friends at Beyond Pesticides: ...

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Follow the Leader: How to Talk to Your Neighbors About Pesticides

I'd like to thank the folks at Wisconsin Public Radio, who had us on the air yesterday to talk about the release of our film, A Chemical Reaction. The response from their audience made Tuesday, Aug. 11, the busiest day of the summer for (it generated more "hits" than my appearance on Good Morning America back in July). One of the great questions I received concerned how to talk to a neighbor w ...

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How to Prove Pesticide Drift Caused Damage

I received this email today from a new SafeLawns member from Wisconsin. If anyone has any experience with this issue, please post a comment below. Paul, I just listened to a replay of your Wisconsin Public Radio interview this morning. I hope you can help me: I am about to start legal proceedings against TruGreen for damage to my trees, shrubs, native plantings (I would bring up my headaches but don’t think ...

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