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Showdown in the West: Durango Pesticide Debate Offers New Twist

[caption id="attachment_5539" align="alignleft" width="540"] Brookside Park is one of two parks in Durango, Colorado, that is managed with organic protocols.[/caption] DURANGO, CO. — Defiantly declaring that pesticides used to control weeds and insects are safe when used as directed and stating "I don't believe we're making any children sick here," the mayor of this remote town led the charge on a 5-0 vote ...

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SafeLawns Movement Heads West

National Organic Lawn Expert to Visit Durango Town Will Screen Film A Chemical Reaction DURANGO, CO. — With Durango’s elected officials facing an upcoming vote on the Organically Managed Parks Ordinance, a group of local citizens has invited the nation’s leading expert on the subject to visit the city Aug. 20-21. Paul Tukey, founder of and author of the best-selling book, The Organic Lawn Care ...

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Pesticide Foes Win the Day in DC: Cheh’s Bill Goes to Mayor

Historic Pesticide Bill Aims to Protect Children, Waterways [caption id="attachment_5394" align="alignleft" width="540"] Though the bill passed today only applies to the District of Columbia, its significance may be felt nationally. [/caption] WASHINGTON, D.C. — After more than a year of strategic planning and fierce opposition from synthetic chemical lobbying groups, a Washington, D.C., councilor today was ...

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Bayer to Stop Making Endosulfan

When we visited with the Pesticide Action Network during the filming of the movie A Chemical Reaction, the lead scientist said he hoped a ban on endosulfan was imminent. The insecticide, banned in more than 50 countries, has been steadfastly defended and approved in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency. That, however, may be changing. Under pressure from scientists around the world, the ...

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