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Alternative to Corn Gluten for Crabgrass? Try Compost

The interest in corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and other weeds continues to amaze us here at SafeLawns. Our post on the subject was easily the most visited of the year thus far. And since we're not big fans of corn gluten meal, especially given the cost, loads of folks want to know about an alternative crabgrass preventer that doesn't involve toxic chemicals. The answer(s) all ...

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Verdict in on Natural Selective Weed Control: It Works

Several months ago we blogged about Fiesta weed control from Neudorff, a selective weed killer that allows grass to grow, but kills dicot weeds such as dandelions and plantain etc. Back then, we didn't have any feedback from SafeLawns members or any experience with personal use, so our only function was to pass along the message that the product exists. Feedback, from SafeLawns followers and our own back ya ...

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How do I Deal with Creeping Charlie?

I answered this question today in our Ask a Question Section and it's worth posting individually here: Creeping Charlie, perennial, Glenchoma hederacea Appearance: Low-growing aggressive creeping plant has thumbnail size scalloped leaves that look like tiny geraniums. In spring an abundance of tiny, lavender flowers appear on two- or three-inch spikes. The stems are square, with roots that dive into the soi ...

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