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Connecticut Organic Lawn Fertilizers in Jeopardy

[caption id="attachment_5305" align="alignleft" width="563" caption="At this golf course, where grass is fertilized and grown to the pond's edge, the water is eutrified by excess phosphorus load. "][/caption] WHEN IT COMES TO LAWNS, FEW STATES RIVAL CONNECTICUT for the amount of passion folks can muster. It’s the richest state in the nation per capita and all those folks with nice properties want to su ...

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Organic Exemption Survives New Jersey Fertilizer Law

Legislators in New Jersey made statewide headlines today with the news of yesterday's passage of a sweeping environmental bill that included lawn fertilizer regulations. We've seen this coming for months, but what was not certain until today was whether or not the exemption for fertilizers derived from composted plants and animal manures would stand. Nancy Sadlon, executive director of the New Jersey Green ...

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Guest Blog: Don’t Ban Organics . . . Here’s Just One Reason Why

John Weiss, the founder of Chickitty Doo Doo fertilizers in Wisconsin, responded to yesterday's blog post with this thorough explanation of his operation. We decided to post it here to give it a bit more attention: I agree with the basic premise of your blog that these legislators have good intentions, but do not know that their actions have consequences relative to organic fertilizers. One of the reasons w ...

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6-Step Organic Plan: Here’s a How-To Video

Just before I left for my mini vacation, I taped this how-to segment featuring the 6-step organic lawn care plan from Fire Belly Organics: The ease of application is making this product one of the break-out success stories of 2010. ...

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Fire Belly Makes the News

One of our sponsors, Fire Belly Organics, sent along this link to a great story about their new company: Owner Tom Kelly reports that sales of the six-step all-organic lawn program are going strong. ...

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Good Morning America Fertilizer Segment

If you checked out the segment on Good Morning America that was co-produced by on Friday, July 24, these are the products that were mentioned: 1) Dr. Earth — 2) Bradfield Organics — 3) Bradfield Organics — Both of these brands, although now ...

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