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The Money Trail . . . It’s Tough to Keep the Path, and Hands, Truly Clean

For nearly two decades the New England Grows trade show has been among our favorite annual dates on the calendar. For me, it's where I cut my proverbial teeth in the horticulture industry, first as a landscaper, then as a publisher and television host and in recent years as an activist. When you've been going to the same big party for 20 years you tend to know a lot of people, recognize even more faces and ...

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Citing Guilty Plea, Wildlife Federation Ends Agreement with Scotts

SafeLawns followers are celebrating a victory today. Succumbing to a barrage of criticism from the environmental community — and in the wake of a guilty plea from Scotts Miracle Gro in federal court — the National Wildlife Federation announced to members this afternoon that is would end its sponsorship deal with the world's largest purveyor of toxic lawn and garden products. The announcement of a promotiona ...

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Amidst Wildlife Federation Firestorm, Scotts Miracle Gro Fined $4.5 Million for Toxic Bird Seed, Falsifying Records

UPDATE: Petition Asks NWF to Say No to Scotts' Sponsorship: HOW'S THIS FOR SUSPICIOUS TIMING? On the same week Scotts Miracle Gro tried to buy an image upgrade by sponsoring the National Wildlife Federation, word has come out of a federal court that the company will pay millions of dollars in fines for selling bird seed it knew w ...

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As Wildlife Federation Defends Its Greed, Scotts Continues to Assault Our Sensibilities

UPDATE: Petition Asks NWF to Say No to Scotts' Sponsorship: Did any of you catch the beleaguered CEO of the National Wildlife Federation defiantly attempt to justify his recent deal with Scotts Miracle Gro that we reported on earlier today? Looking more like a man who will probably be forced to resign soon than someone we ought t ...

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Miracle Gro Deal with Wildlife Federation Outrages Environmental Community

NOTE: Here is an update on this story, posted at 4 p.m.: The attempted whitewashing by the chemical companies has been rampant lately. First TruGreen ChemLawn tried to buy public opinion by sending millions of dollars to Earth Day. Then Scotts Miracle Gro did buy out Major ...

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