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Connecticut Organic Lawn Fertilizers in Jeopardy

[caption id="attachment_5305" align="alignleft" width="563" caption="At this golf course, where grass is fertilized and grown to the pond's edge, the water is eutrified by excess phosphorus load. "][/caption] WHEN IT COMES TO LAWNS, FEW STATES RIVAL CONNECTICUT for the amount of passion folks can muster. It’s the richest state in the nation per capita and all those folks with nice properties want to su ...

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Organic Lawn Care Step by Step

Here is an update of one of most popular posts . . . a thorough review of all the steps necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn naturally, including product referrals where applicable: ...

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Nation’s Leading Landscape Experts To Convene in Chicago

Professionals and Homeowners Invited to 2-Day Symposium They are the major issues facing the lawn and garden industry on our continent today: How do you deal with fertilizer runoff from lawns? How can you safely save your trees in the face of exotic invasive insects? How can golf courses deliver championship conditions and still be environmentally friendly? [caption id="attachment_4900" align="alignleft" wi ...

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The Lawn Phosphorus Firestorm: The Flames Are Warming

New Laws Wrongfully Restrict Organic Fertilizers [caption id="attachment_4440" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="After more than 70 years in business, Milorganite is finding its product illegal as a lawn fertilizer in some states due to the 2 percent phosphorus in the bag. Other organic fertilizers are fighting the same issue."][/caption] The coming year is shaping up as a major battleground and your l ...

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