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What’s Right With This Picture? Joe Knows

[caption id="attachment_5338" align="alignleft" width="540" caption="At a Home Depot in Rhode Island these three insect-killing products were side by side and priced identically yesterday. Only one of them is safe to use around your home, however. "][/caption] It's that time of year here in New England when most lawns have been fertilized and most dandelions have passed and gone to seed, if they weren't kil ...

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Organic Lawn Care Step by Step

Here is an update of one of most popular posts . . . a thorough review of all the steps necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn naturally, including product referrals where applicable: ...

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Connecticut Firm to Develop New Tick Control

EcoSMART Tick Control Remains Best Currently Available Safe Product With gardening season seemingly breaking early in the Northeastern areas of the United States, tick control is once again front and center for homeowners and landscapers concerned about the lyme disease epidemic. News of a new organic tick control product out of Connecticut late last week sounded promising. However, the product — derived fr ...

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EcoSMART Joins SafeLawns Movement

This will hit the national media wires on Monday, Feb. 28 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATLANTA, GA. — EcoSMART Technologies, Inc., the world’s leading producer of organic pesticides, and the only company that produces a complete line of EPA Exempt pesticides in the United States, announced today it is joining forces with the SafeLawns Foundation on a series of events to promote safer lawn and gardening in North Am ...

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