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Tuesday Deadline Looming for Comments on Bee Crisis

With a deadline of September 25 looming, environmental groups nationwide are calling on all Americans to make their voices heard in the ongoing bee crisis known as colony collapse disorder. The future of the food supply, according to many scientists and beekeepers, hangs in the balance. ...

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CREATE A BUZZ: Tell the Government What You Think About the Bees and the Pesticides that Kill Them

[caption id="attachment_5489" align="alignleft" width="563"] Please take a moment to let the EPA know how you feel about the pesticides known to cause colony collapse disorder in bees. [/caption] As we reported late last month, the EPA declined to ban CLOTHIANIDIN, one of the compounds most responsible for the bee deaths that have plagued U.S. farmers and gardeners for the last six years. Now the EPA has op ...

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US Senator Demands EPA Action on Bee-Killing Pesticides

As we reported earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to ignore the pleas of beekeepers and farmers and allow synthetic nicotine pesticides to stay on the market — despite overwhelming evidence that proves the materials are the primary catalyst in Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees. That's not a good enough answer for Kirsten Gillibrand, the United States Senator from New York ...

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EPA Bails on Bees, Rejects Petition to Ban Pesticide

In a stunning evasion of its responsibilities, the Environmental Protection Agency has told a million people concerned with the fate of bees that they didn’t prove their case. While admitting that the pesticide known as clothianidin — a synthetic nicotine — is acutely lethal to bees, the EPA said not enough evidence was presented to tie the chemical to the "imminent danger" of colony collapse disorder that ...

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More Than A Million People Send Message: Stop Bee-Killing Pesticide in its Tracks

It has taken several years for science to catch up with common sense in the nonsense known as colony collapse disorder in bees. It was obvious to us more than five years ago that a class of pesticides known as neonicotines — imidacloprid, chothianidin and others — was responsible for wiping out millions of beehives in North America. In the past year report after report from the scientific community has conf ...

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