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EPA Bails on Bees, Rejects Petition to Ban Pesticide

In a stunning evasion of its responsibilities, the Environmental Protection Agency has told a million people concerned with the fate of bees that they didn’t prove their case. While admitting that the pesticide known as clothianidin — a synthetic nicotine — is acutely lethal to bees, the EPA said not enough evidence was presented to tie the chemical to the "imminent danger" of colony collapse disorder that ...

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Par for the Course: As Bees Die, Governments Sit Idly By

THE INACTION MEANS WE NEED TO ACT TOGETHER I have to say I’m not one to inherently, blindly grant government too much power, but I do have to love the way the French are dealing with yet another study that says pesticides are killing bees. Within days of a scientific report that linked a synthetic nicotine known as Thiamethoxam to colony collapse disorder, the government announced it planned to ban the prod ...

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Dan Rather Reports: EPA Covers Up Bee Evidence

U.S. GOVERNMENT CONTINUES TO IGNORE PESTICIDE PROOF We've been at this now for more than five years. As one of the first organizations in North America to go public with the notion that a class of pesticides made from synthetic nicotine were responsible for the sudden bee death known as colony collapse disorder, we were threatened legally, verbally and, yes, even physically. These days it's widely accepted ...

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