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At the $100 level you’ll get all of the above, plus a Director’s-Cut copy of the movie,
A Chemical Reaction
, directed by Brett Plymale and featuring Paul Tukey, the founder of SafeLawns.

The film focuses on the quest of Hudson, Quebec, the first town in North America ever to ban lawn chemicals, including the impact the town has had on similar movements across Canada and the U.S.

The film has drawn rave reviews from critics worldwide.

“It’s even better than An Inconvenient Truth!” — Institute for Cinema Studies

“It’s one of the most eye-opening environmental documentaries I’ve ever seen. Like Moore and Spurlock before them, Tukey and Plymale do an outstanding job of bringing an insidious health issue to light in a way that’s both entertaining and engaging. If you have children and care about the world they’re growing up in, then despite the fact that it may leave you shaken, if not enraged, Hudson: A Chemical Reaction is a film you need to see.”

—Tim Rhys, Editor & Publisher, MovieMaker Magazine

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