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America’s Most Progressive Campus: Colorado Goes Truly Green on its Lawns

BOULDER, CO. — Showcasing what is likely the largest compost tea project of its kind anywhere in the nation on Thursday, Oct. 4, the lead turfgrass manager at the University of Colorado offered a behind-the-scenes look at what makes his 70-plus acres of grass truly green. The compost tea, a biologically active liquid — that some in academia claim is just brown water — is sprayed through the entire campus sp ...

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Tuesday Deadline Looming for Comments on Bee Crisis

With a deadline of September 25 looming, environmental groups nationwide are calling on all Americans to make their voices heard in the ongoing bee crisis known as colony collapse disorder. The future of the food supply, according to many scientists and beekeepers, hangs in the balance. ...

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Aeration: A Handy Hand Tool May Do the Trick

If your lawn is hard, almost painful to walk on, you might need to aerate. If you lawn is coated with weeds, especially plantain and crabgrass, you probably need to aerate. If you try to drive a shovel in the ground and all you come up with is a thimble full of hard-pan clay, you definitely need to aerate. And do it now if you want to take a major step toward having a better lawn next season. ...

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Fall Lawn Tasks: Here’s the Primer

In the northern half of the nation, the days are still warm, the nights are cool and Mother Nature usually provides plenty of rain. The humidity drops, biting insects take a break and garden centers start putting many products on sale. ...

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