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Get Your Grass Off Gas

If your lawn is a third acre or less, consider trading your gas-powered mower for either:

An electric mower powered by an extension cord;
A mower powered by a rechargeable battery or
A reel mower powered by you, the user.
Think about the other ways your lawn uses gas, too:

1) In the manufacturing of chemical fertilizers.
2) To create electricity to run the pumps that bring water to your lawn.
3) Driving to and from the garden center to purchase products
4) When weed-wacking
5) When blowing leaves
6) When transporting clippings to the landfill
7) Manufacturing the plastic bags to hold the clippings.
You get the idea. By growing a smaller lawn and/or switching to organic lawn care you can reduce or even eliminate many of these gas-guzzling factors. Check out the videos, at right, for more information.

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