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SafeLawns Movement Heads West

National Organic Lawn Expert to Visit Durango Town Will Screen Film A Chemical Reaction DURANGO, CO. — With Durango’s elected officials facing an upcoming vote on the Organically Managed Parks Ordinance, a group of local citizens has invited the nation’s leading expert on the subject to visit the city Aug. 20-21. Paul Tukey, founder of and author of the best-selling book, The Organic Lawn Care ...

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Par for the Course: As Bees Die, Governments Sit Idly By

THE INACTION MEANS WE NEED TO ACT TOGETHER I have to say I’m not one to inherently, blindly grant government too much power, but I do have to love the way the French are dealing with yet another study that says pesticides are killing bees. Within days of a scientific report that linked a synthetic nicotine known as Thiamethoxam to colony collapse disorder, the government announced it planned to ban the prod ...

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A Chemical Reaction to Screen in Madison Thursday Evening

WISCONSIN — To live sustainably, you may bike to work or buy local organic food, but have you considered how you can go green, quite literally, in your own backyard? You can support environmental and public health by caring for your lawn and garden in a sustainable way. Talk about how by enjoying a FREE screening of “A Chemical Reaction: The Story of a True Green Revolution (,” ...

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The SafeLawns Movement Moves to Minnesota

The film A Chemical Reaction has been shown twice to large audiences during October, once in St. Paul and also in Minneapolis, and since then smaller groups have inquired about screening the film — which continues to be an instrumental tool in a growing international movement. Here's a review from Evelyn Hadden, one of the founders of ...

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Kennebunk, Maine: Movie, Popcorn & Politics Tonight

My ears will be burning tonight just after the dinner hour when five environmental groups join the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the town of Kennebunk for a viewing of our film, A Chemical Reaction. Since I've seen the film, it's the forum afterward that will pique my curiosity. Partners and presenters include the Kennebunk Coastal Association, the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserv ...

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A Man the U.S. Should Have Known Better

Cancer Claims Canadian Leader at 61 [caption id="attachment_4210" align="alignleft" width="540"] Thomas Mulcair, left, poses with Jack Layton, who passed away today at age 61.[/caption] SafeLawns and the environmental community lost an amazing ally this morning when Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada, passed away at 61 after a swift battle with cancer. A ferocious advocate for sen ...

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