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Focus on Florida

Many in the world of lawn care have their eyes on the state of Florida these days. The state has taken the nationwide lead on banning many types of lawn fertilizers in the past year. With products containing high levels of synthetic nitrogen and phosphorus blamed for algae blooms in rivers, streams and ponds throughout Florida, the fertilizer bans have moved county by county. By 2010, the entire state will ...

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Rain Rain Go Away

Rain has been a constant way of life along the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., which can create all sorts of lawn issues— the biggest of all may be lawns that are behind in their mowing schedule. The mowing companies get backed up and, if you mow your own lawn and it's raining during the only time of the week you have for mowing, then the lawn grows out of control. Especially in June.  ...

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June 18, A Trial Run

Greetings, This is my first "blog." I know others do it and I get the concept, but I'm not terribly technically savvy and I've put off jumping on the blog bandwagon. Maybe that's why I gravitated to organic lawn care; it's a straight-forward, common sense approach to landscaping. ...

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