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Lawn Games for Life! Enlivens Gatherings Large & Small

Looking much like a Victoria era gathering, the Sass family bar mitzvah at the Sherborn Inn featured a dozen lawn games from around the world.

We spent April and May traveling the country to attend massive gatherings, from the Ecpot Flower & Garden Festival in Orlando, to the Captain Planet Foundation Festival in Atlanta and Earthfest outside Philadelphia. On Saturday, however, we brought the Lawn Games for Life! campaign down to scale at our first private family function in Massachusetts — then concurrently helped enliven the 350th anniversary of the town of Milton.

“It was really the perfect thing to have alongside the luncheon,” said Sally Sass, who hosted a bar mitzvah for her son Ethan.

It didn’t take the group of young boys more than a minute to begin losing the formality of ties and shoes on the lawn at the Sherborn Inn near Natick, Mass. Adults got into the act, too, with games ranging from Ladder Golf, to Bocce, Molkky and Croquet — all from the book, Tag, Toss & Run.

“I was so pleased, and Ethan was psyched because his friends had a lot of fun being able to run around and play games,” said Sally.

Meanwhile, 25 miles away in Milton, volunteers from Fitness Unlimited, the largest health club on the South Shore, helped us keep hundreds of families busy at more than a dozen game stations.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an historic occasion like this than to play these old-fashioned outdoor games,” said organizer Brian Kelley. “Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, seeing everyone so engaged and happy, makes this a perfect day.”

Hundreds of people enjoyed the Lawn Games for Life! celebration as a part of the 350th anniversary for the town of Milton.

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