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Improved Drought Outlook Brings Slugs Galore

As so often happens in gardening, and life, good news begets bad news. A year ago at this time parts of the nation, especially our great friends in Houston, were mired in an historic drought . . .

Much of the United States is not expected to suffer drought conditions this summer.

. . . and while some folks in the Southwest still need to conserve every drop, the forecast from the National Weather Service calls for a great gardening season with respect to water availability in most regions. And if this week in the Northeast is any indication, it may mean an embarrassment of riches.

Up in Maine villages are flooding. Here in Rhode Island it’s been a fairly steady deluge since Sunday evening. That will eventually subside, I’m sure, but wherever it rains for more than a day or two the calls begin about slug control.

Whenever it rains the slugs seem to come out of nowhere.

The good news is that slugs can be controlled with all sorts of safe options; toxic synthetic chemicals should absolutely be avoided. Here’s everything you need to know:

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