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Drought Heightens Need for Proper Watering

Last Thursday, with a heat index of 105, I witnessed a sprinkler system spewing water high into the air at noontime near Washington, D.C. This morning, after more than an inch of rain yesterday, I heard my neighbors’ sprinkler system go off at 5:45 a.m. in Rhode Island.

And after an optimistic drought forecast offered up by the National Weather Service earlier this spring, the map, above, is beginning to look more typical for this time of year: It’s getting dry and it’s likely to stay that way.

If we want to grow lawns and landscapes, we’ve simply got to get the watering thing right. To that end, here are links to a slew of articles we first posted three years ago:

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  • Bruce

    It’s hard to keep up with your grass watering, especially with these droughts all over the country. Maybe consider installing an irrigation system?
    Bruce@ Outdoor Sprinkler System

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