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Connecticut Firm to Develop New Tick Control

EcoSMART Tick Control Remains Best Currently Available Safe Product


With gardening season seemingly breaking early in the Northeastern areas of the United States, tick control is once again front and center for homeowners and landscapers concerned about the lyme disease epidemic.

News of a new organic tick control product out of Connecticut late last week sounded promising. However, the product — derived from a naturally occurring fungus — won’t be on the market until 2014, according to published reports.

Several pesticide companies do offer to spray synthetic chemicals, that specialists agree offer reasonable protection — yet with numerous potentially toxic side effects.

The best commercially available safe product, sold at retail establishments such as Home Depot and Lowes by EcoSMART Industries, utilizes rosemary oil as a primary ingredient. Tests at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, showed a high level of tick control from the EcoSMART product. The company recommends re-applications every two weeks to affect the lifecycle of the insects, which can be prevalent from March to November, but at their peak in the summer.

For more information, here is a thorough fact sheet:

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