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Steingraber’s New Book Reissues Call for Protection from Pesticides

As a modern-day Rachel Carson, she is the titular queen of the environmental movement in the United States today. As a mom, she faces many of the same challenges that all of us encounter in an insanely busy world.

In one month, Dr. Sandra Steingraber will keynote the 30th annual convention of Beyond Pesticides in New Haven, Ct. Between now and then, she’ll be promoting her third excellent book, Raising Elijah.

In a conversation that is published in today’s EcoWatch news blog, Dr. Steingraber reflects on the challenges of bringing children into today’s world:

“What I say is that the environmental crisis is, ultimately, a crisis of family life. To make my case, I weave the evidence into an autobiographical tale, and, as a result, the voice of this book is a mother’s voice. But I’m talking to all parents, mothers and fathers alike. As I see it, our two fundamental responsibilities as parents are to keep our children safe and to provide for their future. The trespass of toxic chemicals into the bodies of our children is undermining our ability to carry out our first duty. And climate change—which is ushering in mass extinctions and erratic weather—is stealing the second.”

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