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Study Confirms Pesticide Combinations More Harmful

In a synopsis published by Environmental Health News, it was reported that a study found a pyrethroid chemical cocktail was more toxic than the effect of each chemical used on its own. Pyrethroids are insectides used on farms and in residential homes to kill mice, insects, and other pests. They are meant to mimic the natural toxins found in chyrsanthemums.

Researchers at Creighton University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tested a mixture of eleven pyrethroids at levels that mimic real-world exposure and found it to over-stimulate the electronic channels in the brains of mice, eventually killing them. Results of the mixture were equal to the sum of their individual effects.

According to the synopsis, the findings of this study are important because it confirms the prevailing notion that pyrethroid mixtures produce additive toxicity, making chemical combinations more toxic than each individual insecticide.

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