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Dupont To Issue Recall of Imprelis

After a number of warnings by extension arborists, professors, and landscapers about damage the broad-leaf herbicide, Imprelis, has wreaked upon evergreen and ornamental trees across the country, the Environmental Protection Agency is prepared to issue a “stop sale” on the product.

In June, Safelawns picked up a story by Biocycle, one of the first sources to break the news about the damage Imprelis was causing. Concerns were not only for tree damage, but for the persistence of Imprelis’s main ingredient- aminocyclopyrachlor- in the environment, and particularly in compost.

According to the release, Dupont is planning to ask, via its website,, for a voluntary suspension of the product, asking distributors to collect all containers, even those partially used.

The incidence of dead and dying trees from the east coast west to Iowa and south to Georgia is being called by some one of the worst disasters of its kind since the emerald ash borer killed millions of trees. Dupont had touted Imprelis as being safer than its alternative 2-4,D, and was given a hasty green light by the EPA.

According to the release, damage from the product is projected to run in the millions of dollars.

Read more of the press release here:

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