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Two More Kissing Bandits Strike


When we checked our in-box this morning after several days out of the office at the end of last week, we found the requisite questions about the heat (don’t mow! water deeply once a week if you water at all! the lawn will do dormant, but won’t die!). We also found lots of questions about what I’ve been up to, since my posting here has been scarce (launching our next major campaign behind the scenes, which we’ll be able to announce soon).

And we’ve had tons of questions about our Kiss My Grass T-Shirts, which have been on back-order for three weeks. I’m happy to report that we have a new batch in stock as of today and any late orders will be mailed out ASAP this week.

Why all the interest in the T-Shirts lately? Perhaps it’s due to the new “kissing bandit” phenomenon that has been building slowly but surely. Since our first bandit struck back in June, several others have picked up on the novel way of protesting pesticide applications in their neighborhoods.

“I realized some people may find this photo in bad taste,” said one of our bandits, who asked not to be named. “But if it gets someone’s attention to the message that lawn chemicals are poisons, then it’s worth the risk of offending a few folks in the process.”


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