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Study Links Pesticides to Type II Diabetes in Elderly

The findings ofa new study published in Diabetes Care has linked exposure to pesticides and other pollutants to Type II Diabetes in the elderly population.

Researchers recruited a group of 725 elderly swedes without diabetes. They tested blood samples for levels of pollutants like PCB’s- once used in paint, plastics, and for electrical equipment manufacturing and organochlorine pesticides. Then researchers tracked the seniors for the next five years. The study concluded that environmental exposure to some persistent organic pollutants increased risk of future Type 2 diabetes in the elderly population.

Although some of the pollutants tested were banned years ago, many were still present in the blood of the participants. In an e-mail to Reuters Health, study researcher Dr. Duk-Hee Lee, said, “the exposure to these chemicals in the general population still occurs because they have widely contaminated our food chain.”

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