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Pesticide Expert Weighs In On Impact of GMO’s

The biotech industry has long claimed that genetically-engineered foods would reduce the need for pesticides and increase food production necessary to feed an ever-growing population. Scientist Charles Benbrook, a pesticide policy expert and weed resistance specialist, argues against these claims. In an interview with Earthjustice, Benbrook refers to reports presented by The Organic Center, showing that herbicide use for crops like cotton, corn, and soybeans has actually increased since GM-crops were introduced.

Benbrook goes on to explain the reason for this, referring to the glyphosate-resistance many weeds have developed, creating “super” weeds that, in some cases, grow so big they break farming equipment. As a result, farmers are having to apply more chemicals than before, often in combinations which effects have not been studied.

As for feeding world populations, Benbrook explains that most of the genetically-modified crops, like corn and soybean, are grown to feed livestock, which in turn is fed to the wealthiest of the world population.

Seems like the biotech industry is working hard to feed us a whole lotta something…

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