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Canadian Cancer Society Blasts Pesticide Industry in Op-Ed Letter

In a letter copied to the website, Nancy Falconer, Heath Promotion Co-ordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society, responded to a letter previously written by Lorne Hepworth, President of CropLife Canada, a trade lobbying organization for the pesticide and biotech industry.

In his letter, titled, “Nothing Toxic About Pesticide Use in Canada”, Hepworth claimed, “There’s nothing toxic about the tools Canadians rely on to protect their personal property from pest infestations that have been federally regulated and proven safe to use time and time again.”

Ms. Falconer responded, in part, with this statement: “Contrary to Mr. Hepworth’s conviction that pesticides are safe and sufficiently regulated in Canada (), the Canadian Cancer Society believes municipal and provincial governments should take further precautions.

There is a growing body of evidence that links pesticide exposure to cancer, including childhood and adult leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, brain and lung cancers. Studies also show that children may be at a higher risk due to their rapidly developing bodies.”

She raises doubts about the “rigorous scientific review” Mr. Hepworth claims each pesticide is subject to, and goes on to conclude the letter by stating that the CCS hoped British Columbia would be the next province to ban the use of cosmetic pesticide use.

Read the full letter by Ms. Falconer here:

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