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Californians Urge Governor to Ban Toxic Pesticide is reporting that more than 16,000 California residents have contacted Governor Jerry Brown, urging him to revoke approval of methyl iodide, a pesticide linked to cancer, late-term miscarriages, thyroid and kidney disease, and other health issues. John Froines, a leading toxicologist at UCLA, has referred to methyl iodide as “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth”.

Three California farms have already started fumigating with the highly-toxic pesticide, but residents are hoping to stop the process before peak fumigation season begins in a few weeks. While the EPA approved the pesticide in 2007, California did not give the green light until six months ago, in an 11th hour decision by the Schwarzenegger administration. The state’s own Department of Pesticide Regulation advised against approval, citing its dangers to human health.

California produces more than half of America’s fruits, a quarter of its vegetables, and almost 90 percent of its strawberries.

You can join with Pesticide Action Network of North America and their fight to ban methyl iodide here.

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