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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing At Little League Game Near You

It’s the perfect venue. Lots of families with children eager to participate in kid-friendly activities. Well-clipped, dandelion-free lawns as far as the eye can see. But beneath this mirage of innocence and good ole American past-time fun lurks something lurid.

East coast to west, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environnment has been making the Little League rounds. Traveling around in a giant, green RV and with a promotional Prius, the lobbying group for the pesticide industry appears to be in the corner of every lawn-loving American.

One look at the Debug the Myths website, however, and it becomes clear that this group has its own agenda to protect, not that of the public’s. Rather than addressing recent studies linking pesticides to birth defects, behavioral disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and cancers, the site employs scare tactics that warn against the dangers of mice and cockroach droppings, bed bugs and West Nile Virus.

Perhaps most disturbing is that this group markets to children, attending family events and creating ties with groups like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. According to an article by Asael Sala for the Sacramento Press, RISE donates plants, hosts clean-up events, and provides “educational” material to this largely urban charitable organization that caters to children from impoverished families.

Sala reports that RISE has been powerful on the lobbying front as well, successfully defeating a bill in the State Senate earlier this month that would have forbid the use of known carcinogens and blanket spraying on school grounds.

Click here to read more of Sala’s article in the Sacramento Press:

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