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New Film Brings Bee Plight to Light Through Brilliant Photography

The director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John has just released his latest, award-winning Queen of the Sun, which highlights the tragedy of colony collapse disorder taking place around the globe. Utilizing his photography talents, Taggart Siegel  juxtaposes “the catastrophic disappearance of bees with the mysterious world of the beehive,” while weaving “an unusual and dramatic story of the heart-felt struggles of beekeepers, scientists, and philosophers from around the world.”

The film includes narratives from Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. It reminds us that as far back as 1923, colony collapse disorder had been predicted by Austrian philosopher and architect, Rudolf Steiner, in his book, Bees. Founder of the biodynamic agriculture movement- the precursor to modern organic agriculture- Steiner recognized that chemical farming would disrupt what he considered the sustained living organism that is the farm itself.

With character quotes like, “If bees are dying, birds will be dying, plants will be dying”, and “We could call it colony collapse disorder of the humans, too”, we’re reminded of just how important the existence of bees is to our own and why we need to act now. Fortunately, the film also focuses on those already in the throes of working to save the bee population.

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