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Idaho Pilots 4-Footed Alternative to Pesticides

Knapweed, leafy spurge, and other unwanted plants are growing fast and furious along the Wood River Trail in Blaine County, Idaho. But it’s not pesticide application that will be taking care of the problem. Rather, the solution walks on four feet and goes, maaaaaa

A partnership between Blaine County’s Pesticide Action Network and local citizens are piloting a project that will employ the use of 700 goats to clear the wooded, weedy trails. According to Kathryn Goldman, campaign director for PAN of Blaine County, “This is a huge step forward in showing the entire community and everyone who visits our valley that there are safer ways to control weeds.”

Goats have incredible daily appetites and prefer high-protein weedy species. Special fencing will be used to guide the goats toward desired snacking areas.

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