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Professor Monsanto, Anyone?

In a blatant public relations move, Monsanto Fund, the “philanthropic” arm of Monsanto, has begun a campaign to help fund rural public schools. “Education is the cornerstone of any successful community, yet school districts nationwide are facing tough budget choices,” says Monsanto Fund president Deborah Patterson in a video on the program’s website.

True. And Monsanto appears to be taking full advantage, starting a pilot grant program in 165 Illinois and Minnesota counties, with plans to expand next year. The funding will go toward math and science programs, and one can only imagine the propaganda that will be supplied to schools receiving this grant money.

According to registration guidelines on Monsanto’s website, “grants will be awarded based on merit determined by the Monsanto Fund, need and community support. The more farmers to nominate a school district, the more it demonstrates community support and strengthens the school district’s application.”

So do organic farmers qualify as having “merit”?

How much will “need” trump support of Monsanto products?

We think, not much.

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