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New York Ban on Pesticides Goes Into Effect

Starting today, children will be safer across the state of New York. The Child Safe Playing Fields Act, which goes into effect today, prevents all k-12 schools and daycare facilities from using pesticides on their properties.

According to the new law, “No school shall apply pesticide to any playgrounds, turf, athletic, or playing fields.” Turf has been defined as any area of grass, so even a patch of lawn in the front of a school applies. Schools are now encouraged to find organic means of maintaining lawns.

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Similar legislation is working its way through the Maine State House. “An Act to Protect Children’s Health and Promote Safe Schools and Childcare Centers by Limiting the Use of Pesticides” is working its way through the Senate.

Ellen Fine, pesticides consultant and founder of the Leah Initiative, is unhappy with the amendment by the Agricultural Committee, which allows school employees or “outside applicators” to determine if pesticide use is necessary.

“The majority played a trick: it kept the title and number of the original bill as introduced by Rep. Nelson and threw out the protective language which was replaced by Integrated Pest Management IPM policy.”

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