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Is Don Huber Credible? Watch & Decide For Yourself

You may recall that SafeLawns ignited an international stir that became a furor back on Feb. 16 with the release of this letter by noted scientist Don Huber:

The scientist, who warned of the existence of a new pathogen with almost unthinkable consequences, has since been lampooned, shunned by some of his own colleagues and singled out for derision by the conglomerate Monsanto.

Yesterday a friend forwarded this link to a videotaped interview with Don Huber. It’s straight-forward, yet stirring.

Watch it . . . and decide for yourself if you think this man is credible:

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  • Andrew Boshears

    Nope. He must be insane. How could anyone ever believe such as obviously brilliant, experienced, and professional individual. (incase you couldn’t tell I’m expressing deep sarcasm)

    I am so glad that he did this interview! How could anyone every argue against or doubt his character or concerns. He is simply stating that there is a problem, and without pointing fingers directly, we should investigate further what is causing that problem, before proceeding any further (with GM Alfalfa).

    I will do as much as I can to spread the word and hope others do as well.

  • Dianne Laheurte

    My husband and I watched the (anti) Monsanto documentory and Food Inc, both which caused us great concern for our food supply, whether plant or animal, in addition to the harm caused to the agriculture, people and socities near and far. The implications here are enormous. Dr Hubar is not only credilble, his concerns should be heeded by all levels of government, locally and worldwide. If not, we could find ourselves all starving in a not so distant future with sudden death syndrome mass killing GMO crops and livestock becoming infertile and aborting. Like Dr Hubar said, what is the rush to get more GMO products out there when we are seeing problems with what we have now. We must protect our future crops and livestock for future generations. What can we do??

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