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Voices Continue to Weigh in on GM Alfalfa

Those of us concerned about the approval of genetically modified alfalfa by the Obama administration have been existing in alternate states of gloom and anger in the past week. It’s easy to feel like Monsanto and the rest of the chemical industry is flexing its prodigious financial muscle and, in the process, bankrupting every smidgen of the environmental movement’s progress of the past half century.

We’ll just never, ever, buy our way out of this one. All the bake sales, private donations and cumulative commerce of every organic grocery aisle in America won’t add up to a rounding error on Monsanto’s balance sheet.

That does not, however, mean that we should give up — not with the equalizer known as the Internet that makes social networking possible. I’m still heartened by our victory last year when TruGreen (ChemLawn) tried to corrupt Earth Day by becoming an official sponsor. Concerned citizens said “hell no,” and made their voices heard through emails, blogs and good old-fashioned phone calls and letters. Even in this age, the latter two methods are still the most powerful. Earth Day finally caved and told ChemLawn to keep its money. On March 24 last year, we were able to report this victory:

Well, the scale of this GMO alfalfa is infinitely worse. Alfalfa is “out there” on the farm and may not impact us as personally and emotionally as ChemLawn trucks hovering creepily in every neighborhood. But genetically modified alfalfa will have profound impacts on our food supply, potentially eradicating the organic option forever. The GMO alfalfa will be inside our insects, our birds, our farm animals. With our seat atop the food supply, it will be inside of us most acutely.

I implore anyone reading this to PLEASE understand this issue and take action. Here are just a few folks with the same message:

Margaret Roach, Gardener Extraordinaire:

Independent Voter Network —

Natural News —

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  • Diane M Olson Schmidt

    It is going to take thousands of people, after they become aware that the GMO fiasco, to speak out against big bio ag. It is totally unaccetable that Monsanto now owns Semenis seed co that supplies seed to homeowners as well as commercial companies, now owns most of the seed — and therefore food supply. The effects of GMO alfalfa are going to be disasterous, to our life on earth and its rich diversity and hundreds of plants and seeds now owned by a few big bio-ag. These companies are a real disgrace; it is a major set up to a worldwide famine along with climate change. We need to keep up the pressure — everyone. Enough is enough, there comes a time when we can’t be sued, bullied, badgered, wined and dined to let this madness go on anymore. No more.

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