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Guest Blog: Take Roundup Warnings Seriously

NOTE: Since our publication of Col. Don Huber’s letter to the United States Department of Agriculture warning of the dire consequences of too much weed-killer known as Roundup in the soil, validation of his concerns has come from numerous sources. This note is from Jim Martindale, a consultant with North American Ag-Gro and President of Soil Regeneration Unlimited:

I know from observations in dairy herds in the east that Dr. Huber is not going off half-cocked. How about a herd of dairy cows — that under the best testing Cargill has to offer can find no significant mycotoxin or other molds present in any feeds — yet in order to achieve normal feed intake and anything approaching normal performance, the cows require three different mycotoxin binders to be fed in the ration?

This type of feeding difficulty NEVER took place before RR corn was planted and managed with glyphosate chemical the first time four years ago on this farm.

Please forward this article to you friends, neighbors, local news outlets and to your elected officials at all levels of government that amount to something if you can find some: Don’t spend time with the USDA. Go to your state officials in agriculture. They might listen and do something…. might. I have asked my State Senator to hold hearings on this issue and invite interested citizenry to help formulate legislation which safe guards our state from further abuses from the bio-engineers who have brought us Roundup Ready.

Pray a bunch.

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