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SafeLawns Announces Approved Products & Services for 2011

Though the list is expected to evolve continually as it has for the past five years, the SafeLawns Foundation is delighted to announce the initial 2011 list of Approved Contractors and Products. All of these entities have pledged not to utilize or sell any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in their formulations or services (SafeLawns makes no income from the sales of the products from these companies, although in some cases sponsoring fees have been paid to our foundation to support our education and outreach programs):

Approved Lawn Care Contractors:

South East CT,
Southern CT,

Cumberland Co.,
Cumberland Co., Go Green Landscaping
York Co.,

Cape Cod,
Greater Boston,

New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

Dallas, Austin, Houston,

Washington State:
King Co., Hendrikus Landscaping & Organics
King Co., Chinook Compost Tea

GardensAlive, — One of America’s first comprehensive mail-orders sources for organic lawn and garden tools and materials.

NatraTurf, — An excellent source for high-calcium limestone and gypsum.

San Jacinto Environmental Supplies, — A great regional supplier from
Texas for the organic lawn care and landscaping industry.

Milorganite, — The first-ever SafeLawns approved biosolids fertilizer, which has been produced for the past eight decades in Milwaukee.

High Country Gardens, — An excellent resources for plants that make great lawn alternatives, drought tolerant plants and grasses and organic lawn and garden products.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, — Primarily a seed cataloguer for small farms and gardens, the company offers a wide range of excellent organic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and amendments.

East Coast Organics, — A Maryland company with tried-and-true, easy-to-apply organic products, including pelletized compost.

East Coast Organics, — A long-time Maine company offering premium products, with garden center distribution throughout the Northeast from Maine to Virginia.

Gardens Alive, (see above)

High Country Gardens, (see above)

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, (see above)

Purple Cow Organics, — A terrific regional compost manufacturer from Wisconsin with a great reputation.

Compost Tea:
Chinook Compost Tea, “>
(see above)

True Brewer, — A resource for compost tea brewers from 30-gallon units to 250-gallon professional models. A 5-gallon homeowner model will soon be available as well.

High Country Gardens, (see above)

Weed Killers:
Gardens Alive,
San Jacinto Environmental Supplies,
High Country Gardens,

Pest Control:
Natural Industries, — A Houston-based company selling a natural fungicide known as Actinovate that will take care of most fungal diseases related to turf care.
Azasol, — The world’s first powderized, water soluble neem product that can be applied to plants and turf with a hose-end sprayer to control a wide range of insects.
Gardens Alive,
San Jacinto Environmental Supplies,
High Country Gardens,

Soil Amendments:
Natural Industries,
East Coast Organics,
Coast of Maine Organics ,
Gardens Alive,
High Country Gardens,
Johnny’s Selected Seeds,
Purple Cow Organics,

Gardens Alive,
High Country Gardens,
Johnny’s Selected Seeds,

Mail Order:
Natural Industries,
East Coast Organics,
Gardens Alive,
High Country Gardens,
Johnny’s Selected Seeds,
San Jacinto Environmental Supplies,

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