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New Maine Governor Continues to Mortify

So far, in just a few months on the campaign trail and a few weeks since being sworn in, new Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R-Waterville) has infamously told President Obama to “Go to Hell” and then the NAACP to “Kiss My Butt.”

Now, however, he has really pissed some people off, to use his vernacular. Included in a lengthy list of “reforms” were his call to repeal the popular Kid-Safe Products Act, as well as Maine’s revolutionary pledge to get BPA out of plastic containers and toys.

“Say NO to Attacks on Children’s Health and Maine’s Environment!” shouted a bulletin today to the Maine environmental and health community.

“This week, Governor Paul LePage proposed the elimination of critical policies that protect our children from dangerous chemicals,” said the call to arms. “What he calls ‘reform’ is nothing short of an all-out attack on the health of our families.”

TOMORROW, Thursday, January 27th concerned citizens will gather at the State House to fight to keep current environmental health protections and to announce next steps to further protect Maine families from toxic chemicals.

Time: 11:30 arrival, Press Conference starts at Noon

Location: Welcome Center at the State House in Augusta

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