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Maine Pesticide Summit Draws Near

The Maine Pesticide Summit is gathering loads of attention, both locally and nationally. The fact that concerned citizens, municipal leaders, scientists, lawn care professionals and activists from across the Northeast will gather Saturday, Nov. 20, in Brunswick, Maine, has Maine news from Washington to Maine — including this article published today in the Forecaster:

Organized by the Toxics Action Center, the event at the Unitarian Church from 9 a.m.-12:15 p.m. is aimed at lawn pesticide reduction — and perhaps elimination — strategies at the municipal and state level. The TAC has set up a pre-registration site with all pertinent information:

Folks from Connecticut, who helped that state pass a ban on pesticide applications around schools in 2005, will be in Maine on Nov. 20. So will the woman from New Hampshire, Ellen Fine, who spearheaded that state’s high-profile legislative study on pesticides in 2010. And, certainly, members of Maine’s professional lawn care community will make their presence felt in the room.

“We have more in common than disagreements,” said Jesse O’Brien, one of Maine’s largest suppliers of sod at Downeast Turf. “But I’ll be there in Brunswick. I’m always concerned that our industry gets painted in a bad light.”

Jesse is one of my closest colleagues in the lawn industry, yet he often jokes that he has to apologize for being my friend whenever he’s around his brethren in the lawn pesticide community. That sort of dichotomy will make the event, 10 days from now, highly spirited.

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