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Remove All Mushrooms on Lawns Where Children Play

Assume all mushrooms on the lawn or in the woods to be poisonous unless you're otherwise certain they're edible.

Assume all mushrooms on the lawn or in the woods to be poisonous unless you’re otherwise certain they’re edible.

Like many Americans, my family spent part of its Labor Day weekend at a picnic with friends. I was reminded, though, that perils can lurk everywhere when young children are involved — and that not everyone perceives the dangers.

As we began to spread out the blanket, I noticed quarter-sized brown circles all across my friend’s lawn that he didn’t even realize were there. For the next 15 minutes or so I led him on a mushroom removal mission so that the potentially dangerous toadstools wouldn’t wind up in our children’s mouths.

“Are most of them edible?” he asked.

The best answer is that unless you’re an expert or in the company of one, ASSUME ALL MUSHROOMS ARE POISONOUS.

The reality is that most mushrooms are not lethal, but you don’t want your children — or pets — to be the petri dish.

Mushrooms are easy to remove, either by hand or with a rake. It’s best to use gloves that can be rinsed afterward rather than to touch the mushrooms with your own hands. Here’s a good web site from Missouri on the subject:

If you do fear that you, your child or your pet may have been poisoned, here is the national hotline number to keep on your refrigerator: 1-800-222-1222.

Having said all of that, scarcely anything is more fascinating in nature than mushrooms and I can’t think of anything more flavorful on the dinner table. It can be great fun and wildly educational to join a mushroom foray with an expert. Fall is the most common time for culinary forays into the woods in the northern climates.

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  • Beatriz Moisset

    I am perplexed. I have seen mushrooms in lawns, decaying wood and a number of other places all my life. What is the need to remove them as potentially dangerous? If we were to remove all the things in our gardens that are poisonous or may be poisonous we would end up with practically nothing. Most foliage, a number of berries and many other natural things are loaded with toxins. So, why single out mushrooms?

    • Paul Tukey

      Well, good point. Certain mushrooms, however, are very, very dangerous and seem to be more tempting for children than the average leaf that won’t have has much toxicity.

  • Rock Hill Lawn Care and Landscape

    Now days people are more worried about these things. Example when I was young I use to ride a 4 wheeler back in the woods with my brother at age 13, now days my brother won’t hardly let his 16yr old son ride alone. It’s crazy


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