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Planting Perfume . . . And Smiles


Last year I took some of my own advice and reduced the size of my front lawn by carving out a perennial garden next to the walkway. That was always a problem area anyway since the foot traffic next to the walkway led to compaction and mostly weedy conditions.

A year later that problem is solved, since no one walks in the perennial garden; they stay on the pathway.

The added benefit, though, is the joy my 3-year-old daughter gets from all the flowers and insects that have popped up and in since May. EVERY single day she begs to cut flowers for her vase. And she’s already learned what flowers she can eat for herself and which ones to leave for the monarch butterflies. Most importantly she has learned to ask me first (most of the time) before cutting anything.

With mid August already here, it’s a great time to think about a fall gardening project. What areas of your lawn can become a perennial or vegetable garden, or simply returned to a wild area? You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can happen.

To learn more about the process, here’s a web site about “planting perfume” forwarded to us today from our friend, Gary Fish, who runs the state Board of Pesticides Control here in Maine: Here, too, is a video I produced recently for NBC about great plants to attract butterflies:

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