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On Our First Anniversary: Your Top 10 Posts

It’s absolutely amazing to me that a year has passed since I rather randomly declared that I would post a daily blog on the web site. “Daily?” many asked, questioning my rationale and stamina. “Why not weekly?”

True to the original goal, though, June 18 marks the one-year anniversary of the SafeLawns Daily Blog and, although we have missed about a dozen days — including weekends — we have averaged well more than a post a day at about 405 and counting.

This morning I set out to pick our favorite 10 posts to mark the occasion. Instead, however, I opted to stick with the empirical statistics of our 10 most popular posts in terms of overall visits. More than 100,000 unique visitors have come to the blog in the past year and many, many folks seem to visit just about every day.

Here you have them in order of the most visited:

Tom Kelly Comes Clean . . . On Feb. 21 we blogged about a lawn chemical applicator turned organic fertilizer salesman from New Hampshire. Reading through the comments on this one shows just how scared and angry the lawn chemical industry has become —

Back to Court in Canada . . . On Jan. 29 we posted the news that a group of fringe chemical industry shills were attempting a lawsuit to overturn the historic provincial pesticide bans in Canada. Since that time, though, three more provinces have enacted bans and the lawsuit doesn’t seem to be headed anywhere —

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Act . . . On Feb. 23 the federal government issued a report that we must reduce toxic exposures, or else —

Bee Enemy Number One . . . Imidacloprid has been central on our radar screen ever since we deduced the connection between the chemical and bee decline more than three years ago. On Sept. 17 we posted this overview that was hugely popular with our followers —

If You Must Mow . . . then do it right. Overall, the how-to posts on our blog are the best-read on average and this one on May 10 topped them all. Maybe it was the photo of my favorite model —

Is Roundup Safe? . . . That simple headline on one of our earliest posts, last June 22, continues to draw Google hits to this day —

Groundcover Wednesdays . . . We knew immediately we were onto something when our newest feature, Groundcover Wednesdays, drew thousands of hits in its first week after its June 9 posting —

Major League Baseball’s Sellout . . . A core group of people were outraged when we ran the news Jan. 25 about Major League Baseball’s deal with Scotts Miracle Gro. Alas, subsequent efforts to do something about it fell on deaf ears. I consider that to be one of the major failings of the SafeLawns campaign so far in 2010 —

No Thanks, ChemLawn . . . We had significantly better results effecting change when we posted the news March 18 about a proposed sponsorship of Earth Day by TruGreen, the company formerly known as ChemLawn. Leading a revolt, our followers were largely responsible for Earth Day renouncing TruGreen’s money —

The Game Changer . . . To this day, the second most common phrase typed into Google that leads people to is “Fiesta weed control.” As one of the first media outlets to write about a new natural selective herbicide on Jan. 27, SafeLawns has remained one of the primary go-to sources about the revolutionary new product —

Thanks for following this blog. It’s gratifying to know that people are paying attention and the SafeLawns movement is making such a huge difference in people’s lives. Keep up the faith . . . and the questions and comments.

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Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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    Congrats Paul! Keep up the good work!

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