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Compost Tea: Resources for Brewing Your Own

Commercial tea brewers are available from a variety of sources.

Commercial tea brewers are available from a variety of sources.

Applications of compost “tea” have been around as long as gardening has been around. Long before science proved the efficacy of compost tea, our forebears just instinctively knew that the substance — biologically active liquid — would have beneficial results in the soil.

And while many are still mired in the debate about whether compost tea works, or not, the more enlightened conversation these days concerns how, when and where to apply it. We’ll spend some time on that topic this week in the blog.

First things first: Where to purchase the necessary equipment? Homeowners can create their own rig with a 5-gallon dry-wall bucket and aquarium motor, or you can purchase compost tea brewing systems on-line through our sponsor, GardensAlive, at

For larger more commercial systems, any number of companies offer variations on the same theme:

East Coast Organics:

Growing Solutions:

Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Inc:

If you have other third-party recommendations to make, please post them here to share with the group.

About The Author

Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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    • Forwellness

      I have studied the compost tea world extensively for many years, and to see that finally the word is getting out more and more each year, that we CAN do this. As the research pioneers have discovered, there are many ways to make tea, as well as many mixtures of ingredients. However, there are also many ways to not make it well or maximize it’s potential and benefits.

      I have only come across a few in all these years that have exceeded expectations and produced incredible results. There is one produced locally, in Amish country, by a quiet company- The Compost Tea Company in Lancaster, PA. I believe they recently changed their name to Perfectly Natural Organics ([email protected]). They have seen an increase of crop yield from 19% to 33% in recent years, and turf that had over 17″ roots. They blew away Penn State University when over 50 test plants were purposely infected with Pythium and theirs were the only ones not infected!

      I just thought you should know that there are locals out there that can produce excellent quality tea, with proven results that are approved for organic production use. I am gratified that this industry is consistently growing, approximately 20% per year, and synthetics and chemicals are decreasingly entering out water shed. Good work, keep going, and many thanks to Paul and other pioneers for their efforts.

  • The greener side

    Compost tea is awsome.. But I havnt seen much on worm casting, and guano teas.
    I have experimented with combining the three with molasses. In return a bubbly paradise of
    bacteria ready to work in less then 24 hours. I also added a little tomato thrive which is full of beneficial bacteria and fungi. I am awaiting the results but I am hopeful because I have used just compost tea with awsome results. I also prefer to use no tea bag as it allows the bacteria to float in and out of the solid material freely.

  • Carol

    For the best compost tea, I recommend compost specifically brewed for tea and backed up by published biological testing. Peter Schmidt of has some of the best equipment, compost and compost tea on the market, and is especially helpful to folks just getting started, from professionals to home gardeners.

  • Joe Soley

    You know, Paul, I read these comments about you on or other similar industry sites and people either love you or hate you. And I mean really hate you. I have to admire how you persevere every day. Know that there is a growing legion, an army if you will, of people who are standing with you in a big ole “Kiss Our Ass” to the people who want to take you down.

    Joe S. (organic since before the word had a definition)

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