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The Doctor is In: Meet Howard Garrett

Howard Garrett, left, and Paul Tukey met at Howard's Dallas home in 2006.

Howard Garrett, left, and Paul Tukey met at Howard’s Dallas home in 2006.

Four years ago, when I traveled to Dallas to film the final episode of my HGTV television show, People, Places & Plants, almost everyone I ran into had the same advice: You’ve got to go meet Howard Garrett. Nothing short of a legend in the organic gardening community, Howard has almost single-handedly built Dallas into arguably America’s most advanced city when it comes to use and knowledge of organic techniques and products for lawns and gardens. With a radio show ( that is listened to by tens of thousands, he relays his decades of experience in converting properties from chemical to organic management.

Howard has since become a good friend and a fantastic colleague who continues to push the envelope. Here’s a nice article that appeared in a Louisiana newspaper yesterday:

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