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Prince Edward Island Embraces Organics

Kudos to Marion Copleston for taking me at my word. When I told the president of the Prince Edward Island Environmental Health Co-operative to “keep me busy” while I was on the Canadian province this past weekend, she obliged by scheduling seven events in three days.

Audiences ranged from the general public, to all the island’s watershed associations, to the professional landscape and golf course professionals, to a collection of elected and appointed government officials including Environment Minister Richard Brown.

“Just to have people’s input today was excellent because I learned a lot of things,” the minister said. Among the audience’s requests were a list of approved products to work in concert the the list of banned products that went into effect in the province on April 1.

Most signficantly, Coppleston also was able to engage the media, including the local daily and the

As I tell every organizer of a community event or a screening of the film, A Chemical Reaction, it’s one thing to engage the audience members. It’s far more effective to have the media involved so that the message is conveyed to an exponential number of people.

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