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Opening Day No Way: Let Baseball Know How You Feel About Their Miracle Gro Deal


Ever since the news broke at the end of January that Major League Baseball had sold out to Scotts Miracle Gro on a deal to “re-ignite the contest for the best lawn in the neighborhood,” environmental and health groups across America have been up in arms.

This is, plainly, the wrong message for Major League Baseball to be selling. The Scotts Miracle Gro products, branded with the logos of iconic Major League teams, create the illusion that you can have Fenway Park’s outfield in your own front lawn. The partnership encourages the unnecessary applications of chemicals and water at a time when when should be promoting conservation. This promotion imperils children, whose parents don’t know any better than to douse lawns with toxic chemicals.

And while we were recently successful in getting Earth Day to drop TruGreen/ChemLawn as a sponsor, we haven’t been anywhere near as impactful in the Major League Baseball deal. A letter to Major League Baseball, signed by 28 environmental and health groups across the U.S., was completely ignored by MLB vice president Tim Brosnan.

We are now calling on our followers to let Major League Baseball and Tim Brosnan know how you feel about the league partnering with Scotts Miracle Gro on their toxic chemical lawn program. Beginning next Monday, we are helping to organize a national call-in week titled: “Opening Day No Way” and we ask that you call 212-931-7800, ext. 7501, or email It’s imperative that we let Major League Baseball know that folks across the U.S. and Canada see this deal as a serious environmental and health infringement.

We also ask that you sign the on-line petition that calls on Major League Baseball to denounce the deal:

Will we be successful getting Major League Baseball to say no to Scotts’ money? My guess is not likely. The deal is just too lucrative. And unlike Earth Day, which has preserving the environment in its mission statement, Major League Baseball really doesn’t have to care about anything other than its bottom line.

In the meantime, though, we can make Tim Brosnan’s first week of the baseball season one that he’ll never forget. On Monday, when you hear the call for your favorite team to Play Ball!, be sure to give Tim a call.

About The Author

Paul Tukey

An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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  • James Willis – Organic Gringo

    I certainly hope that MLB realizes how detrimental their decision to use chemicals is to the fans and the environment.

  • Paul Tukey

    I think we need to help MLB understand . . .

  • Hank

    What a fantastic boost Organic Lawn systems would get if any one of the major league teams would make the leap!!

    What better team than our own Boston Red Sox. They must be encouraged…its the right thing to do!!

  • http://N/A Anonymous

    To all safelawn readers and Paul Tukey,

    As someone close to Tim, I would like to applaud all of you on how terrific your responses have been. They have been kind, polite, and thoughtful, and above all, have a personal touch that make each sincere. While some may have poor/incorrect thought processes involved, the sincerity can still be seen. However, there have been a few emails using extreme profanity such as “Fuck you all” and “seriously fuck you all.” Worst of all, some have even called upon Tim and his colleagues to “die in a fire.” These responses are wrong, as they do not get a proper message across and are extremely disrespectful and hurtful, as MLB works as hard as possible to please their fans and receive positive messages. We ask your community to stop with the hurtful and threatening messages, as they are simply wrong.

    • Paul Tukey

      SafeLawns, nor anyone else in the Pesticide Working Group community, condones inappropriate behavior or language as described above. While we completely disagree with the Scotts Miracle Gro sponsorship, we believe the only way to deliver this message is thoughtfully and respectfully.

    • Joe Johnson

      That’s a shame about the foul language being used in calling Tim Brosnan. Major League Baseball is dead wrong in this deal with Scotts Miracle Gro, but conveying the message inappropriately doesn’t help anyone.

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