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Killing Weeds: Innovation Rules

This machine, developed in New Zealand, is used by municipalities and golf courses to wipe out weeds.

This machine, developed in New Zealand, is used by municipalities and golf courses to wipe out weeds.

Acknowledging the toxicity of herbicides such as Roundup used to kill weeds, inventors and entrepreneurs have been racing to develop alternatives in recent years. We’ve reported on a few of them here, everything from the WeedHound mechanical (manual) tool, to the Fiesta selective herbicide recently developed by Neudorff.

A landscaper in Canada recently developed a non-selective herbicide made from yucca and vinegar and just today I was reminded of a contraption known as a Waipuna, a steam-based system that I first saw used by Jeff Carlson and his crew at The Vineyard Club golf course on Martha’s Vineyard. Jeff swears by it.

Dennis Tindall, the inventor of the Waipuna, sent this letter today to the director of the film A Chemical Reaction. He’s saying nice things about the movie and I, in return, wanted to pass along word about his machine to our readers. He says he has a consumer version of the machine coming out soon. That will be exciting to see.

Dear Brett,
Congratulations on a great documentary. I hope you will look at my company’s website and see the similarities of why and how Waipuna was founded. I was a chemical contractor in New Zealand and was confronted with a young boy who had obviously been seriously poisoned by one of my teams. This was in 1992 and I vowed that day to find a solution. Today Waipuna’s Organic Hot Foam system is being used in schools, municipalities, organic farms and this year we plan to release a Home Gardener’s system. It has been a long hard battle but we are making a difference and that is what matters.

I was feeling a little morose yesterday until I watched A Chemical Reaction, but now feel reinvigorated to continue the fight to rid the world of these unnecessary pesticide poisons.

Again well done.

Kind regards

Dennis Tindall

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