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Pesticide Safety Campaign Targets Children

Just when you thought the chemical pesticide industry couldn’t get any more desperate or despicable, more incredible news emerges. Under pressure from its constituency to stop the flood of negative public relations about pesticides, the nation’s lead pesticide lobbying organization announced plans to bring its message to the group most vulnerable to the toxicity: children.

RISE, aka, the Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, has outfitted a Debug the Myths RV that it plans to drive around the nation. Among its planned promotions, according to numerous sources, will be a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids moment” and a game they’re calling “What Pest Are You?” The van is currently in Tampa, Florida, where RISE is sponsoring a spring training game and offering “help” to the local boys and girls club.

A trade journal known as Pest Control Technology has all the details:

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