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Organic Alternatives: Part II

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Whereas yesterday’s post was a review of raw materials that can be used as fertilizers, today I want to take time to review companies who sell organic products — who have also stepped up to support our SafeLawns mission with their sponsorship dollars. In these difficult economic times, companies need to choose carefully and we deeply appreciate what they do for us. If you are going to buy lawn and garden products this year, we hope you’ll give these great companies a look: is our newest sponsor. This New Hampshire company mails richly concentrated liquid fertilizers right to your door. The 6-step program helps take some of the guess work out of the organic transition. The company also has an affiliate marketing program, which pays a sales commission to groups and individuals who want to help sell the products in and around their own neighborhoods and towns.

Milo Shammas

Milo Shammas offers all sorts of organic fertilizers and soil amendments, manufactured by someone who really, really knows his stuff. We have profiled Milo Shammas on our blog and in our press releases: and is a catalogue company that is a one-stop-shopping source for all things organic when it comes to gardening. Really, it’s a special enterprise with a great mission. By the way, SafeLawns is tentatively heading out to the company’s base in Indiana for a screening of our movie, A Chemical Reaction, in late March. We’ll keep you posted. is an emerging national fertilizer company with organic products certified by OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute. The base of the products is chicken manure, with all sorts of beneficial additions. University researchers in Wisconsin were raving about the efficacy of the company’s products during my recent visit there. is our longest-standing sponsor, having stuck with us ever since our launch in 2006. They don’t do mailorder, but their products are available at many leading garden centers across the country or through our friends at Bradfield products are manufactured by Land ’o Lakes/Purina Mills using the same products they use for animal feed. They are high quality.

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