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New Hampshire Debate Heats Up

The Manchester Union Leader, one of the leading newspapers in New Hampshire, posted this article on its web site today: What’s most interesting is the comments from readers — many of whom compare the notion of studying pesticides to taking away their freedom of religion and other personal rights.

Because I typically like to travel in circles where healthy dialogue is encouraged, some of the opinions expressed in that newspaper are shocking. I can understand someone like Jim Campanella of Lawn Dawg making self-serving comments about how pesticides are safe. He has made his living applying the poisons for decades. But some of the homeowners who feel it’s their right to do whatever they want on their property are completely missing the point.

Everyone could probably agree that you don’t get to stand on your property and shoot a loaded gun toward your neighbor. In effect, though, if you apply pesticides to your own property on a day when the wind is blowing in your neighbor’s direction, you are essentially firing a loaded gun their way. Granted, you probably won’t kill them immediately. But you might be giving them a rash, a headache, nausea, eye irritation or any of the other symptoms listed on many of the material safety data sheets of many pesticides. Is that OK? Should that be your right?

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