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Lawn Watering: More Environmentally Damaging Than Mowing?

With California still mired in a drought of historic proportions, a writer for the Orange County Voice newspaper called this afternoon to talk about the environmental impact of watering all those emerald lawns. Sara Mosko’s has been quantifying all the energy it takes in the form of electricity to pump water from the north part of the state to southern areas and she has been stunned by her findings.

We talked for nearly an hour about all the ways lawns consume energy:

1) mowing
2) blowing
3) trimming
4) power dethatching and aerating
5) the manufacture of fertilizers
6) the manufacture of pesticides
7) the transportation of all of the above

And the most energy of all, she said, was used during watering. All that electricity to run all those pumps to move the water all those miles adds up to one major environmental nightmare.

A link to the article, No Such Thing as a Green Lawn, can be found here:

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