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Maine Premiere Sells Out

With long lines up the stairs and out the door, the Maine premiere of A Chemical Reaction sold out well in advance of Saturday’s 3 p.m. opening at the Farnsworth Art Gallery in Rockland, Maine, today.

“I hope I am the first, and I know I will NOT be the last to congratulate you and the crew for an excellent film,” emailed attendee Marsha Mongell, a SafeLawns Foundation member. “Thank you for putting me on your list and I do apologize for leaving abruptly while the standing ovation was going on! Thank you for bringing your film to our neighborhood. I wish you could make every Select Board promise to view it. Having been directly involved in changing the pesticide policy for Rockport (Maine), we are still faced with criticism and threats to change it back. It was encouraging to see that Canada prevailed. It gives me hope. I am proud to know you and am proud to be one of your ‘disciples.’ Press on . . . and know that you are a hero to many.”

Onward to New Jersey tomorrow!

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An international leader of the green movement, Mr. Tukey is a journalist, author, filmmaker, TV host, activist and award-winning public speaker, who is widely recognized as North America's leading advocate for landscape sustainability and toxic pesticide reduction strategies.

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